Products for singers, musicians & bands


  • Musicology Groove factory Learn to play Drums
  • Musicology Keystation Learn to play Drums
  • Musicology Guitar GarageLearn to play guitar
  • Musicology Vocal studio Learn to sing

  • Musicology Music biz-wizMaster the art of promoting your music
  • Musicology Producers’ den For music production
  • Musicology Songwriters’ café For songwriting & composition
  • Musicology Backstage Master the art of live performance
  • Anurag Dixit’s Best-seller book, a master program for improving singing, winning auditions and performing live
    “Step out of the bathroom and get on the stage!”
    Book + Exercise CD
  • Anurag Dixit’s Best-seller book, a guide for parents who want to give music’s benefits to their children
    “Music makes kids smarter”
    Book + Exercise CD

Anurag Dixit’s MUSICOLOGY lessons’ is a series of best-selling crash courses for music enthusiasts. It includes courses on singing, playing musical instruments, live performances, music production, songwriting & composition, mixing & mastering music and music business/promotion. Online courses & regular classroom courses both are available at Anurag Dixit’s Musicology.

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