Musicology Vocal studio

Musicology Vocal studio: Beginner & advanced level course in Western & Indian vocals)

Become a master of vocalizing by knowing the secrets of effective singing. This extensive course arms you with the tools needed to develop your voice into a complete well toned, instrument. With exercises on tone placement, proper breathing and articulation, your voice will become more focused and efficient. This course further allows you to expand your vocal range and enhance your belting skills. Learn to add colour, mood, depth and emotions, all indispensable skills for an accomplished singer.

This course enables you to:

  • Understand and develop voice as an instrument
  • Understand the anatomy behind singing
  • Master the secrets of effective singing
  • Master exercises on pitching, breathing, tone placements
  • Master technical aspects like phrasing, dynamics, and rhythm
  • Sing in different keys
  • Train your ear for better understanding of music