Musicology producers’ den

Learn these professional courses personally from Anurag Dixit – One of the most popular pop musicians in India.The only FL Studio power user from India.Multi-award winning singer-composer-songwriter-educator.Mentored numerous successful singers, musicians & bands.

Musicology Producers’ den: Beginner & advanced level course in music production

Gain all the knowledge you need to produce great-sounding recordings of your music. Even if you begin this course with little or no understanding of music production, you’ll end it with a qualitymaster recording ready for CD or MP3! Let accomplished musician, producer and Musicology director Anurag Dixit guide you through the challenges of setting up your own home studio,sequencing, Midi-programming, basic audio mixing, and more. With hands-on lessons and projects, you’ll master concepts like digitization,signal flow, multi-tracking, equalization, signal processing, MIDI, and everything you need to turn your Mac or PC into a virtual multitrack studio.

This course enables you to:

  • Gain a solid foundation in music production in general
  • Master your choice of DAW- FL Studio, Ableton Live, Pro tools, Cubase, Logic Pro or Reason
  • Gain a solid foundation in music programming
  • Make audio recordings & mixing with professional techniques
  • understand essential concepts & techniques in EQing, compression, mixing & mastering
  • master professional tricks & techniques in music production
  • equip yourself with the best & latest in music industry