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Train your child to become a genius Short

You can train your child to become a genius
-Manisha Dixit (Director, Musicology)
Most of us think that genius is a born trait but scientists in modern era don’t seem to agree. One of them is John Medina. I am an admirer of Medina’s work and I would like to share it with you. Through his studies, Medina has proved that genius is a trait that can be developed. Here are the top 5 habits which can be developed in children:
1.  Desire to explore: The idea is very simple-we can encourage the children to explore. When an apple falls off a tree, don’t eat it. Ask why? At Musicology, we encourage our students and instructors to use 4 Ws – What, Why, When, Where?

2. Self control: This is ‘focus’ and time management. These days many kids are wasting too much time on Whatsapp, facebook or phones. During our class conversations, we often tell them how to use the gadgets wisely and take advantage of the new technology.

3. Creativity: Creativity is the product of Imagination. Lengthy homework assignments, tuitions coaching and parents’ consistent pressure to score better marks –all this is killing our children’s imagination. Einstein himself said- Imagination is more important than knowledge. We can encourage our kids to read books, develop new hobbies, play games that involve role-playing and make friends.

4. Verbal communication: Human learning in its most native state is primarily a relational exercise. Intelligence is not developed in the electronic crucibles of cold, lifeless machines, but in the arms of warm, loving people. You can literally rewire a child’s brain through exposure to relationships. Giving more time to your kids and giving them more opportunities to meet relatives and friends is certainly a good idea.

5. Non-verbal communication: This one is the most important skill found in the great innovators & achievers. This is the art of interpreting gestures & facial expressions. The only way to develop this skill is by interacting with other people. That’s why children need human time in their developing years. Not computer time, not TV time. Your child’s brain needs more interaction with you and other people, on a consistent basis. This is the reason we support music education in groups and we always encourage our students to make friends and collaborate with each other.


Music makes kids smarter

For the last ten years, having taught music to thousands of students at my institute, I have seen that those who attended regular sessions for a prolonged period eventually ended up securing much better careers & opportunities than those who didn’t. Based on my personal experience, I can confirm that many of them were not focused and their concentration was poor when they started taking music lessons. Later, as they progressed to higher grades, they became more focused and started showing excellent results. Surprisingly they started showing equally good results in academics and sports too. I saw their personality being totally transformed. The effect that training (or skill acquisition) in one domain might have on skills and cognitive performances in other domains is commonly referred to as ‘transfer’ or ‘near transfer’.

I specially remember one kid, Rishabh from my 2004 batch. He was initially an introvert child, who was average in studies. When he started music classes, I realized he needed extra attention. I used a method which included musical foundations, inspirational talk and a positive approach towards him. After a few months, he was totally into music. Surprising everyone, he topped two prestigious music exams. I still remember when his grandfather told me that now he is equally focused in studies. A few years later he informed me that he was selected in a reputed engineering college. His success story confirmed my belief in music’s positive powers and also the method I was using to teach. Now, this method is an integral part of the music teaching at our institute

Founder Musicology

Musicology event Tiranga 2015

Musicology event Musicology students celebrated the Independence Day by giving spectacular performances in the Musicology event, TIRAGNA 2015. Students of Indian classical & western music courses participated in the event and best performers were awarded with gold, silver & bronze medals in different categories.

Musicology student Pranjli on FM Radio 102.6

PranjliStudent of Musicology ‘Vocal studio’ & ‘Guitar Garage’ courses, Pranjli Mishra performed her original songs on AIR FM Rainbow 102.6. Pranjli, a student of class 11th is learning music at Musicology for over 6 years and she has won numerous national & international awards for her singing. Congratulations Pranjli.

Musicology student Ainesh Das wins DPS Interact Thunder

Ainesh_WebStudent of Musicology ‘Groove Factory’ course, Ainesh Das won the titles of ‘Best Emerging Drummer’ & ‘Best Drummer in a band’  in DPS Interact Thunder, an inter-school music competition. Ainesh is learning at Musicology for the last 6 years. Congratulations Ainesh. Other Musicology students recently winning titles in inter-school competions are Athulya Asokan (Vocals), Allan Thomas (Drums), Nishant Seth (Guitar/ Bass).

5 Musicology students were All India Toppers this year

Musicology topper 2014_Web5 Musicology students were All India Number-1 rankers in 2013 International exams in music, conducted by Rock-school, London international. Musicology students Elza Francis (Vocals), Priyasha Sharma (Vocals), Rudranil Ghosh (Guitar), Mainak Agrawal (Guitar) and Ayushman Prasad (Drums) were the All India Toppers this year. Congratulations to all the toppers & their parents.

Students perform in radio show, on Mothers’ Day

Mothers day_WebOn mothers’ day, Musicology students & their mothers performed in a special FM Radio program on Radio Salam Namaste. In this program children performed original & cover songs based on western & Indian themes. Students’ mothers also joined them in performances & conversations.

Hindustan Times

A musician for whom the passion of music knows no bounds, singer-composer and an inspiration to his students, Anurag Dixit has come a long way since founding Musicology in 2003